Why I Write

A funny thing happened on the way to getting healthy: I started inspiring others.

That was unexpected. And wasn’t the point.

My life was miserable and unhappy. I was overweight and depressed. My marriage was dead. I wasn’t the father I wanted to be. Something needed to change.

It did. I decided to tackle a Tough Mudder at the invite of a buddy. That got the snowball rolling down the mountain in late spring of 2013. And after a whole series of changes in my life I’m:

  • Happily married (to the same, incredibly beautiful woman!)
  • Healthy
  • Fit
  • Tattooed
  • And, a certified yoga instructor.

A huge part of that journey happened openly — and raw — on Facebook and Instagram. Friends there and at work started proactively telling me I had inspired them.


Me? I was just trying to get my own shit together.

And the drumbeat of positive feedback has continued.

That got me thinking I need a place outside the limitations of social media to talk about the things that have changed and are part of my life today: fitness, healthy eating, yoga, a different perspective on life, new goals, new intentions, an amazing relationship with my wife, etc.

I used to be a well-known political blogger. I was good at that. Now it’s time for writing on a new passion to happen, with one sincere hope: it helps someone else out there to wake up, make a change, improve their life, and just be something that is difficult to find in authentic form: happy.

Truly, love-their-life, fucking happy.

Am I that way all the time? Nope.

That’s the point. No one is perfect. But, I have a story to share.

So, I’m back.