I’m not what you’d expect.

I’m a former health insurance executive with half-a-dozen tattoos and certifications as a yoga teacher and integrative wellness and life coach. I’m a 40-year Seattle native who is very happy to be in the South. I’m a military history buff who also loves Olympic swimming like nothing else.

I write here to tell more about my story of getting healthy. And to talk about the things we can all do in our lives to be more authentic, more intentional, happier, healthier, and have more of an impact.

There have been ups and downs in my life. I’m a son. A brother. A father. An ex-husband. A historian. A writer. An athlete. A politico. And a yogi. That influences the mix of what I write about, which is more than just health. It’s also business, politics, sports…and just life.

No matter what topic brought you here, thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Short. Sweet. Concise! Loved reading your about me! I can’t wait to follow yours and your wife’s journey to continuing to live a healthier live while inspiring others around the world!


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