Sitting in discomfort. And being ok with it.

I told a member of my team at the office earlier this year that her mission was to “be comfortable with people being uncomfortable with you” based on the kind of work we’d have to do this year, which would take some people outside their comfort zones.

Ironic, including in the wake of my recent post on balance, that I’m totally uncomfortable today.

Do you like being uncomfortable?

I fucking don’t.

And I’ve been there all day.

I haven’t felt on my A-game in a while. That happens sometimes. But, the last couple days I really haven’t felt it. I’ve been worn out, lacking energy, and more negative than positive…culminating in today just not being in a good place and having to deal with the reality I wasn’t showing up the way I wanted to at home or at work.

I hate that.

One of my faults in the past is I would have dwelt on that and not been able to get out of the spiral. Kinda like this:

yoda grumpy

Trust me, that doesn’t help you show up better. Grumpy Cat is false!

My solution today: clearing my head. Letting go of what I couldn’t control. Focusing on my breath. Swimming. Getting a massage. Cranking through many a to-do for work before I totally disconnect for a week

Am I better now? Kind of.

I’m definitely not grumpy cat. I’m also definitely not perfect and have some good reminders of where I can and should continue to grow.

Maybe that’s the yogi in me. Yoga instills a lot of that acceptance of imperfection — without losing your shit — and inevitably requires you to look at where you can improve moving forward. Dwelling in the past isn’t really an option.

That was my day. It was imperfect. My ego doesn’t like that.

Can you tell your ego, “tough shit!”?

I hope so. I’m only slowly getting better at it.

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