I’m Happy


Why? Not because everything is perfect in my life. There are sure as hell some things I’d like to change (topics for another post!).

But, here’s what happening right now:

  • I just took one of my favorite yoga classes. Ever. From a teacher with the most splendid, authenticity pouring out of her soul.
  • I’m vacation with my lovely bride.
  • We’re with our people (at Wanderlust Whistler).
  • The drive up here was gorgeous, and Whislter, BC is a beautiful part of the world.
  • We found some unexpectedly splendid places to get grub…and trust me, with my lovely bride being fully vegan and gluten free, and me most of the way there, that’s not a small issue.
  • We had a wonderfully fun meal last night, creating piles of food at this joint.
  • I’m living a lifestyle I genuinely enjoy…for perhaps the first time in my life.
  • I’m at peace with who I am as an individual. My strengths. My weaknesses. And where I want to go in life.
  • Did I mention I’m on vacation with my lovely bride?

Where are you today? Not happy?

I’ve been there and done that. My encouragement to you: change it. Whatever you do, find a way to make that happen. Whatever you think it’s worth staying in an environment or path in life where you won’t be happy, you’re wrong. It’s not. Change it.

And if you are happy. My God, make it a great day.


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