It’s Your Choice

Today is one of those shitty Seattle days in late fall: dark, 40-something degrees, and steady, light rain. A poster child for seasonal affective disorder, a more serious depression-like affliction than many realize.

Today is the kind of day that it’s easy to mail in early. To crawl through the day like a slug, just hoping to get through it. Here’s our chance to choose something different.

My version of that: punch that dreary, rainy, cold Seattle day in the face. Then slap it once more to say I care.

I’m tired.  A little sore. Not looking forward to my work day. Facing about $700 in expenses for my home-from-college son, between snow tires (he goes to school in Helena, Montana, home of some serious winters) and a replacement for his shattered cell phone.

These are the ingredients that could kick my ass…and have in the past.

It’s my choice to choose something different.

I’m typing this post while rolling through a cardio workout on an elliptical machine at the gym. Doing so on the heels of a splendid yoga class last night. The kind of class that was just what I needed. More thought provoking than physically challenging (but still not easy!).

On the heels of my last post about being grateful for yoga, it is probably no coincidence that class’s theme was true gratitude, in a season otherwise prone to glaring, superficial thanks. It is zero coincidence the short reading at the end of class spoke deep into my heart and soul.

In the midst of this shitty Seattle day, I am truly grateful to be emerging from a chronic injury that has been wrecking my workout routine and impeding daily life since mid-summer. To know me is to know those limitations were not easy for my personality to accept. A lesson in humility, and being present with what is, not what I hope or prefer things to be.

The cardio workout I’m doing is long. I did that yoga class last night. I tore up a a long weight room workout yesterday morning. Sunday I took my wife’s yoga athletes class, then later hit the gym for another cardio session. Saturday was a fun, ass-kicking of a hot, power vinyasa class from one of my favorite yoga teachers.

That combo would not have been available to me a couple months ago. Today it is. And I happily choose it. And I’m grateful beyond words for all of that.

What can you choose today? What can you look in the eye, punch in the face, slap it again for good measure, laugh, and choose something different?

Maybe that’s a shitty day. Maybe it’s a job you don’t really like. Maybe that’s a bad family situation you face every holiday season that is crying out for radical change.

Whatever it is for you, I hope you choose it. Boldly and with a smile on your face.

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