I Quit My Job and I’m Moving


Yes, you read the title correctly.

It’s time for radical change.

Later this year my wife, daughter, and I will move out of Washington state.

I’m choosing  to leave my job as Vice President, Corporate Communications at Premera Blue Cross to take a temporary role at the same company as Culture Change Evangelist (which I’m thrilled about for the next several months!).


I’m forcing myself to move.

We’ve had the itch for quite a while. Well before I changed and Stephani changed in 2013, she in particular wanted out of here. The topic of why we’re moving makes for a longer post; for now I’ll summarize:

  • We hate the weather (Seasonal Affective Disorder is not a joke)
  • The Seattle area is increasingly unaffordable
  • The traffic sucks…and is getting worse
  • We want distance from broken family relationships

Those are the things we will leave behind. Here’s what we’re going after:

  • A sunnier climate
  • Simpler living
  • Less traffic
  • A new community
  • A chance to start over

And by start over I mean capitalize on the fact we’ll be empty-nesters in our early 40s. We paid a high price for starting a family very young. Now we mean to capitalize on the opportunity to lead an entirely new adult life.

Joseph is a freshman at college. Sophia is the equivalent of a sophomore, but now in online high school and taking a very non-traditional track (including becoming a yoga teacher herself!). Stephani and I are both healthy, talented individuals ready for the next phase of our lives.

Our time is coming.

Later this year the lease on the house we rent will end. My temporary job will come to a conclusion. And we’re out.

Confession: that can be completely fucking scary.

We don’t know for certain where we’re going (but New Orleans is a very strong front-runner). I don’t know what I’ll do for work, other than knowing it won’t be what I’m doing today.

Another confession: I’m not that scared.

I’ve been searching for jobs for roughly 10 months. Nothing panned out, in part because I put a lot of parameters about what that job might look like. Mostly, the jobs were way too traditional and tied to perceived financial needs versus being something I loved. The one I did love — and would otherwise chase other opportunities with that employer — is in a city we like but eventually ruled out (Portland, OR) because it’s only a marginal improvement on much of what we dislike in Seattle.

So, I’m committed to moving without a job being secure. It’s time to take a chance.

I don’t know how the finances are going to go, but I believe in the power of the Universe and God to provide, and I believe in the power of manifestation to help Stephani and I wake our dreams into reality. I also believe in the ability of talented people to chase their passion. And that’s what we’re doing.

Some of the best part about doing — and writing — this?

It’s exciting.

And. Totally. Fucking. Liberating.

Maybe if you’ve read my posts in recent months you could sense the angst in me.

Several days after I wrote this post about “chasing your joy” one of my employees said, “I liked your post…but it doesn’t seem like you’re able to do that lately.”

I had to chuckle inside because it was so very true. Little did she know all this was brewing for me.

A physical move. A career change. A new phase in married life. A new adventure.

That’s huge.

And thrilling.

And I’ll chronicle it right here in the months to come.


13 thoughts on “I Quit My Job and I’m Moving

  1. How about NC?? Raleigh offers wonderful quality of life, moderate climate, day trip to Ocean and day trip to the mountains. Jobs are in abundance as well !!


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